Start with a home-made soup, continue with a choice of perfectly grilled Paninis; or a robust flavour of select sandwiches; or freshly prepared quiches, served with our house salad.

Let’s get energized on this lovely day.


Start your day with one of our freshly baked Viennoiseries, or a famous traditional bagel baked in ancient method, with each bite taste the difference, this is how bagels should taste.

Let’s smile, day is starting, we are alive!


Let’s feel like we are in Italy with a yummy cannoli or pretend we are visiting the city of Liege with a Belgium style waffle; or how about freshly prepared Parisian style crepes.

Let’s share and enjoy the moment with a loved one.

Healthier Choices

Our menu is developed with strong health consciousness in mind and our objective is selecting products that are organic, Gluten free, sweetener free, and reduced in sodium. We aim to minimize the use of synthetic, artificial, commercial products.

Our Menu

Bellmont Caffe - Our Menu Bellmont Caffe - Our Menu Bellmont Caffe - Our Menu Bellmont Caffe - Our Menu
Enjoy our perfectly prepared snacks without ever losing the taste of their ingredients Select from a variety of salads and enjoy every bite with what each season has to offer Take a break from your day with a Caffe and a selection from our freshly baked pastries Presenting what we like to eat, with ingredients we enjoy, plates prepared with love
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