Bellmont Caffe

Chef’s Secrets

Our passionate Chefs are committed to provide you the highest level of service, creativity, consistency, and quality. Each season gives them the opportunity to excel at what they do best – put their love in to food.

LOVE to try, LOVE to taste, LOVE to create and LOVE to serve.

Bellmont Caffe

Special Info

Developed with strong health consciousness in mind, we will aim to minimize the use of synthetic, artificial, commercial products. We will be paying close attention to selecting products that are organic, Gluten free, sweetener free, and reduced in sodium.

This is our choice at Bellmont Caffe. We do not report to shareholders or to corporate executives. We report to you. Our success will be measured by you.

Our Caffe Shop

Bellmont Caffe

Bellmont Caffe is in the heart of one of Belmont’s main streets. Our Caffe has similar characters of our town. Elegant, sophisticated, charming and surprisingly secretly vibrant.

We are yours to discover.


Why Choose Us?

Bellmont Caffe

We are two good friends, who would like to have fun and enjoy every day of our life with good people around us, and for us good food prepared with love and shared with friends means happiness.

After all, life is short. Let’s dream and let’s have fun.