Our Mission

To develop, produce and bring to market baked goods, pastries, ready-to-eat offerings and gourmet specialties intended for consumers and recognized for quality, originality and authenticity. To strive for excellence in all circumstances, in a spirit of love, sharing and respect for the wellbeing of people and place.

Our Values

Our values reflect the authenticity of our managers, partners and organizational local culture.

Our values guide our every action and impact the manner in which our employees work and serve customers. They represent the very foundations of our organization.

Our values engage all women and men employees to act in accordance with the principles that they have voluntarily chosen to share.

Ecology and Ethics

  • We at all times and in all circumstances aim to use, healthy, natural, authentic ingredients grown in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.
  • We are committed to the community and demonstrate our commitment through the manner in which we manage our business.
  • We attach the highest importance to customer wellbeing and the provision of healthy food items.
  • We select all of our ingredients with painstaking care based on the criteria for freshness, quality and respect for the environment.

Equity and Integrity

  • towards our customers
    We share with them our passion for products of the finest quality to their ultimate satisfaction
  • towards our employees and affiliates
    We value their wellbeing, development and excellence in the workplace
  • towards our suppliers
    We promote purchasing locally and the development of long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships